How To Flip Real Estate to Buy Long Term Rental Properties

You can make LOTS of money when you flip properties. Then, you can use that money to buy long term rental properties.

Our guest is an expert and has flipped over 2200 properties and now buys long term real estate rental properties.

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When you start investing in real estate, it helps to have money to invest. You can use this money for:

  • Down payment
  • All cash purchase
  • Use for rehabbing a property
  • Creative financing with private or hard money
  • Mailing letters out to find off market properties
  • So much more

But, to get that money, it would take a long time to work a job and save the money in order to buy the real estate rental property.

Instead, flipping properties can be a great way to make money to buy real estate for investing.

How to Buy A Flip Real Estate Without A Lot Of Money

You may be thinking, “If I don’t have money for a down payment, how can I get money to buy a property?”

Well when you buy a home, you usually get financing for the property. To buy your first house, or even one that you are planning to live in, you don’t need that much money.

In fact, you can use an FHA loan and House Hack your way into your first property.

An FHA loan gives you the ability to purchase real estate for only 3.5% down! Many of us can work hard and save 3.5% down to buy a property.

Then, after you purchase the real estate, you fix it up to make it worth more and then sell the property to someone else!

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Imagine making $35,000, as an example, when you learn how to flip real estate from one property! That is $35,000 more to buy your real estate as long term rental properties.

Once you start flipping real estate, you should start putting that money towards buy and hold real estate to make you cash flow every month.

How to Flip Real Estate

Our expert today, Justin Colby, has flipped over 2200 properties and now uses that money to buy rental properties.

Learn how to flip real estate from this episode and find out more about Justin Colby at his site:

You can also find his podcast called: The Science of Flipping

And find him on social: @thejustincolby


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