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A.I. Finding Deals For You In Your Real Estate Investing

ChatGPT is leading the way with A.I. and knowledge. Now, there is a company that is the leading AI real estate deal finding company around. When you use A.I. to help you in your real estate investing, leads should come…

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How To Use A HELOC To Invest In Real Estate

Using a HELOC to gain access to your home equity is a terrific way to invest in real estate and buy rental properties that make you passive income from each property you invest in. With creative financing, anyone can invest…

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Flipping Land for Funding Real Estate Investing w/ Travis King

Land flipping takes a fraction of the money it would take to flip homes. And Yes, it is a great way to make money to invest in real estate because you are able to make and save money for future…

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Get 5X Profits w/ Short Term Rentals Anywhere

From just about any real estate property you own, you can turn it into a short term rental property and make 5X the profit you would make from a long term property.

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How To Flip Real Estate to Buy Long Term Rental Properties

You can make LOTS of money when you flip properties. Then, you can use that money to buy long term rental properties. Our guest is an expert and has flipped over 2200 properties and now buys long term real estate…

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A Proven Formula for Buying a Rental Property

Renting a home is probably an investment you should make, but it is only possible if you understand how it works. The following guides you step-by-step.

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11 Best Places to Buy Rental Properties in 2022

Today, there are a lot of places claiming to be the next hot spot or the next big thing when it comes to rental properties. The best places have properties that make passive income from rents every month. These are the places where you can get passive income

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Riches In Residential Assisted Living w/ Isabelle Guarino

Just 1 property can make you $10k a month in passive income with residential assisted living. The Baby Boomers are entering assisted living life stage and there is not enough places for them. This is how you can help senior citizens AND make LOTS of money doing it.

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Everything You Need to Know About Cap Rate

The cap rate on a property is a great indication of the money you will make on a property. Use this FREE Cap rate calculator in your real estate investing.

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