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Pay Yourself First If You Want To Be Rich

A valuable lesson that helped me become wealthy and have plenty of rental properties is what I am going to share it with you, so you do not have to work a job and become successfully unemployed.

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Proactive vs Reactive Real Estate Investing and How to Make More Money

Being proactive versus reactive in real estate and in everything in life is the best way to go. That’s actually something I have been living with for at least 15 years. I just realized that I have so many more options when I am being proactive instead of reactive. The difference between proactive and reactive…

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How Much Should You Save a Month If You Want to Be Wealthy and Rich?

As you go through life, it is likely that both your personal and financial goals are going to evolve and change a lot. However, it doesn’t matter what stage of life you might be in because there is one thing that will stay the same. You will never be too old or too young to save…

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8 Steps How to Be Rich, Wealthy, and Live the Dream Life

There are 8 simple steps how to be rich. They are NOT easy, but you can totally do it. I was able to learn how to be rich and the first step is…

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How to Fail Forward to Be Successfully Unemployed

A lot of people are talking lately about fear and worry about buying the first property and doing it right. In 2005 or 2006, I was watching TV at 2:00am and an infomercial came on for a real estate company offering a seminar that promised to teach you how to invest in real estate with…

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Rich vs Wealthy and Why You Don’t Want to Only Be Rich…

There is a difference between being wealthy vs rich. In fact, one is MUCH better than the other. You want lasting wealth and riches, you need to choose the right path to financial freedom. I have always wondered what it meant to be rich vs wealthy. Also, if you had to choose, which would it…

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Learn How to Rich vs Poor and Begin to Think Like the Rich to Be Wealthy

Being rich is absolutely something you can learn.I was poor growing up. I mean very poor. How I viewed myself and the world kept me from seeing how to be rich vs poor. Then I made the change to learn how to be rich vs poor. After that, I dedicated life to learning how the…

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How to Make Money With Cheap Real Estate Rental Properties In Bad Neighborhoods

I personally LOVE my cheap real estate rental properties that I own. They make me a LOT of money! There are some steps you must follow if you are to not lose money though and that is what I learned as I built my business. First, There are so many good things about cheap real…

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Never Invest In 401K and IRA If You Want to Be Rich for Retirement Planning

Well, you were also lied to that these “Investment” accounts, like the 401K and IRA were created to help you retire. NO! This was not created to help you retire or be wealthy and rich. It was created to help others become wealthy and rich.

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An Emergency Fund Can Save You from Financial Disaster and Even Grow Your Business

Planning for your future income, expenses, and emergencies just might be what saves you from closing down your business in the end. The best time to plan for hard times is when things are going well. It is already too late to plan once things are going bad for you and your business. Learn from my mistakes and plan ahead.

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