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How to Invest in Real Estate with No Money and Get to $100,000 for Investing

Real estate investing is BY FAR the best way to make money as passive income. Instead of having a J.O.B. (Just Over Broke), you can make passive income from the rent you receive from your tenants. Now, it is TOTALLY possible to learn how to invest in real estate with no money AND make $250…

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10 Amazing Hacks How to Negotiate a Salary, Buy a Home, or Anything You Want

By learning how to negotiate a salary, I was able to increase my salary by 20% at my last job! It was an amazing accomplishment and I learned so many things about negotiations.

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Step-by-Step Process to Passive Income in Real Estate

I remember the first time I bought a rental property. The excitement was almost overshadowed by how uncertain and nervous I was about all the steps of the process to get the property rented. Thoughts came into my head like: Would I buy a money pit? Would I be able to get a renter? Would I overpay for the property?

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1031 Exchange to Defer Your Taxes Over and Over Again in Real Estate to Make Loads of Money

A 1031 Exchange is a strategy to defer taxation used by most of the most successful investors in real estate. It is a strategy that allows the sale of a property and the purchase of another property where the capital gains tax is deferred.  You heard that right. You can defer (put off being taxed)…

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Successful Women In Real Estate – Sunitha Rao Shows Us How She Quickly Built a Successful Real Estate Business

Many people struggle with buying their first rental property. Sunitha Roa bought 7 units in 2 years and even used seller financing for some of them. Successful Women Real Estate Investors #1 On today’s show, we have a fantastic investor, Sunitha Roa. She is going to tell us all about her journey of buying seven…

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How to Make Money With Cheap Real Estate Rental Properties In Bad Neighborhoods

I personally LOVE my cheap real estate rental properties that I own. They make me a LOT of money! There are some steps you must follow if you are to not lose money though and that is what I learned as I built my business. First, There are so many good things about cheap real…

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How to Wholesale Real Estate to Make Money Helping Others

Wholesaling real estate is among the quickest, simplest, and a very profitable real estate investment strategies out there. However, this also happens to be among the most undervalued and underestimated method in the market. Surprisingly, both new and many veteran real estate investors alike don’t appreciate wholesaling real estate strategy. Some just shrug it off…

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Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary and Review

Rich Dad Poor Dad was written by Robert Kiyosaki and was the inspiration for me to invest in passive income ideas so I can quit my job and never work for somebody else again. This summary and review is intended to help you to understand the financial lessons that helped me on my journey to financial freedom.

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What Is Wholetailing and How to Make Money Doing It

Wholetailing is a new way to make money investing in real estate. Like wholesaling but with a new twist but can make you lots of money.

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Never Invest In 401K and IRA If You Want to Be Rich for Retirement Planning

Well, you were also lied to that these “Investment” accounts, like the 401K and IRA were created to help you retire. NO! This was not created to help you retire or be wealthy and rich. It was created to help others become wealthy and rich.

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