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Qualified Retirement Plan Account (QRP) with Damion Lupo

Get the QRP Book for Free Here and learn all about the eQRP and how they can save you loads of money in taxes. Listen to the Qualified Retirement Plan Episode:

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What Does House Poor Mean and How to Not Fall Into The House Poor Trap

We have different expenses to worry about in our daily lives. However, most of us don’t put much attention into what we are spending money on and how much we are putting toward those things. While you think it’s wise to pile up expenses related to necessary things, it might also be what puts you…

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Is It Better to Rent or to Buy a House?

One of the major decisions you will need to make in your life is whether to buy a house or rent a place to live in. This will affect not only your monthly income but also your overall lifestyle and the savings you accumulate through the years. Every day, there are people who buy a…

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How Much Should You Save a Month If You Want to Be Wealthy and Rich?

As you go through life, it is likely that both your personal and financial goals are going to evolve and change a lot. However, it doesn’t matter what stage of life you might be in because there is one thing that will stay the same. You will never be too old or too young to save…

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Rich vs Wealthy and Why You Don’t Want to Only Be Rich…

There is a difference between being wealthy vs rich. In fact, one is MUCH better than the other. You want lasting wealth and riches, you need to choose the right path to financial freedom. I have always wondered what it meant to be rich vs wealthy. Also, if you had to choose, which would it…

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How to Pay Off Your Mortgage Early and Mortgage Payoff Calculators

Normally, it would take years to pay back a mortgage loan. The longer the loan takes, the larger the interest it will have. While it’s the best decision for people who can’t pay the full purchase price of a property upfront, it can come with a few drawbacks. The amount of interest accumulated from a…

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Use Your Self-Directed IRA for Real Estate Investing to Make and Save Loads of Money

You don’t have to use you IRA for just stock market investing any more. Did you know you can use your IRA to invest in real estate? You can with a self-directed IRA. Using a Self-directed IRA can be very beneficial for your future retirement. Think of it like having a bank account for your…

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Use Your Self-Directed IRA for Real Estate Investing to Make And Save Loads of Money

Traditionally, retirement savers choose to invest their retirement funds in traditional investments, such as bonds, stocks, mutual funds, etc. However, many are now becoming aware of the fact that it is not the only choice. You can actually use your Self-Directed IRA and SOLO 401K for real estate investing! It’s super easy to do and…

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What Is Prorated Rent and How to Calculate It to Save You Money

Planning to move in or move out of the place you’re living in now, but your date does not fall on the first or last day of the month? You might want to read more about prorated rents and why it’s important to know more about it.  Prorated rent applies to rent of your house,…

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8 Ways to Recession Proof Your Money by Investing in Real Estate

I’ve been thinking a lot about what has been going on in the economy right now. We are in the middle of the two-week shut down/self-quarantine that will hopefully stop the spread of COVID-19. This will eventually pass, but I started thinking about all of the other people in the world and how they make…

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