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Step-by-Step Process to Passive Income in Real Estate

I remember the first time I bought a rental property. The excitement was almost overshadowed by how uncertain and nervous I was about all the steps of the process to get the property rented. Thoughts came into my head like: Would I buy a money pit? Would I be able to get a renter? Would I overpay for the property?

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Everything You Need to Know About How to Invest In Out of State Real Estate the Right Way

The best places to buy rental property I have found are in the middle of America. The mid-west and south east, are great places to invest.

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Successful Women In Real Estate – Sunitha Rao Shows Us How She Quickly Built a Successful Real Estate Business

Many people struggle with buying their first rental property. Sunitha Roa bought 7 units in 2 years and even used seller financing for some of them. Successful Women Real Estate Investors #1 On today’s show, we have a fantastic investor, Sunitha Roa. She is going to tell us all about her journey of buying seven…

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Top 15 Expensive Mistakes Real Estate Investors Make

Is it the right time to start investing in real estate? That is the question most people are asking. In my real estate investing business, I make money in ALL markets. Up, Down, Sideways, etc. The reason why is simple. Passive Income. They way I invest in real estate, it is almost impossible to lose…

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Homeowners Association Fees and How to Reduce the HOA Fees Fines

Seriously, Homeowners Associations Fees can be super annoying. Here is what you need to know about HOA’s and the fees/fines they charge you.

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4 Steps to Hire a Property Manager The Right Way

Your business is only as good as the people you have running it. Once you find a good Property Manager, you keep them as long as you can. In order to have a good rental business that runs with or without you, you need to have good people running it and your Property Manager is the one who…

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16 Reasons Why You Must Invest In Single Family Home Rental Properties

Single family home rentals are the best way to start investing in real estate. Also, they are the best way to grow your business so you can quit your job.

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How to Protect Your Assets While Investing in Real Estate Rental Properties

Protecting your real estate investing business is absolutely vital to securing the future of the business. If you wait until you are being sued to worry about asset protection, you are already too late. On today’s show, I am talking with a lawyer, Andrew Magwood, from Magwood Law Firm. He is going to talk to…

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How to Buy Your First Rental Property and Create a Real Estate Investing Business

Imagine making $700 or more each month in passive income in just four months when you buy your first rental property. That is exactly what Katrina has done. She bought two rental property deals after working with Dustin Heiner and Master Passive Income in just four months. Now, she is making over $700 a month…

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Buy a Rental Property for Business | Automatic Investing to Live the Dream Life

When investing in real estate, there is something you MUST do. And that is you must build the business first. Anyone can buy a property. But to have a successful real estate investing business takes work. I created a rental property for business before I even know what that was or that was even a…

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