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Analyze Deals Fast With DealCheck Review Walkthrough

It’s not easy to get a handle on your properties portfolio. There are so many apps out there, and some of them might be really useful for analyzing the properties you own–but others can take hours or days before they’re done processing! The good news is that we’ve found an app that does instant analysis…

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The Secret to Investing in Real Estate

Becoming a successful real estate investor begins with making sure your business starts off with strong framework, and then inventory to follow. You’ll need to be on the lookout for the right people and place to build your business first, before purchasing a property. I’m going to share with you the number one secret to…

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How To Buy 6 Duplexes In 15 Months Investing In Real Estate

Imagine making $700 a month in passive income from one duplex on your first deal?! This investor did it and only has $2,000 into the deal! Watch as he shows us how he did it and you can too. This is truly how you can start investing in real estate as a beginner.

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House Hacking to Live For Free and Start Real Estate Investing

House hacking can be your best option to get started investing in real estate and create a rental business.

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Turnkey Real Estate Investing At Your Own Risk

Turnkey Real Estate Investing companies are just about everywhere you look. They promise great things to you as an investor but, should you invest your money in these Turnkey real estate investing companies?

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14 Ways to Fund Your Rental Property Deals

If you are like me, finding the funds to purchase a rental property is hard to do. These ways are time tested and will help you be successful in gaining financial freedom with rental properties and passive income ideas.

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How to Use the Price to Rent Ratio to Make You Loads of Money

The secret to success with real estate investment is numbers. Not knowing about these numbers might make you end up settling for the wrong real estate investment out of all the available deals out there. The price to rent ratio is among the first and most critical metrics every real estate investor should calculate before…

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Real Estate Contracts that You MUST Have Investing in Real Estate

When you are a beginner in the world of real estate investments, you might not be familiar with a real estate contract or its different types. A real estate contract plays an important role when it comes to investing in real estate properties. Property investors need to sign and negotiate contracts every time they strike…

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Step-by-Step Process to Passive Income in Real Estate

I remember the first time I bought a rental property. The excitement was almost overshadowed by how uncertain and nervous I was about all the steps of the process to get the property rented. Thoughts came into my head like: Would I buy a money pit? Would I be able to get a renter? Would I overpay for the property?

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Everything You Need to Know About How to Invest In Out of State Real Estate the Right Way

The best places to buy rental property I have found are in the middle of America. The mid-west and south east, are great places to invest.

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