Easily Set Up the Best Self Directed IRA | Rocket Dollar Review & Promo Code

The process of having a Solo-401k or Self-directed IRA used to be very complicated and expensive. Now, because of Rocket Dollar review, the process is super easy and very affordable.
This Rocket Dollar Review will show you how you can easily set up a Solo-401k or a self-directed IRA.
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Did you know you can use your retirement dollars to invest in private/alternative assets?

Yes, it's true.

You can use your retirement funds to open a Self-Directed IRA (SDIRA) account with Rocket Dollar to invest in real estate, funds, startups, et al.

Rocket Dollar makes it quick and easy to signup online, backed by the simple and transparent price of $15 per month (regardless of the amount of assets or number of transactions) and a one-time set-up of $360.

Rocket Dollar Promo Code

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You will maintain all benefits of a typical retirement account, and if you are self-employed you may qualify for the Self-Directed Solo 401(k), which offers tax deferred contributions up to $56,000/year.

What Is Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar is an investment company helping others invest their retirement dollars in other investments besides stocks.

Account holders have the power to invest in any asset class allowed by the IRS. Invest securely and easily in Real Estate, Startups, and more. When you have a Self-Directed Solo 401(k) or Self-Directed IRA with Rocket Dollar you can direct your money where it should be invested.

How does Rocket Dollar work?

When you open an account with Rocket Dollar, you have the ability to have checkbook access to your 401k or IRA. You can then invest your own money as you see fit.

Since it is your money, you have the ability to manage it however you want. Here are some broad topics you can invest in.

Single Family Homes
Commercial Properties
Multi-family Homes
Personal Loans
Precious metals
Crowd Funded Businesses
Mutual funds
Certificates of Deposit

Solo 401k Investment Flow Chart

Self Directed IRA Investment Flow Chart

How do I start a Solo-401k or Self-directed IRA Account with Rocket Dollar?

1. Go to RocketDollar.com and click the “Sign Up” button.

Then the Rocket Dollar review team will set up your IRA. In just a couple days, they will send you an email with the documents you need to sign and send to them.

This will give them the ability to allow your new custodian of your self-directed IRA or Solo-401k to handle your funds.

2. Electrically sign the documents from the Rocket Dollar Review Team

After all your paperwork is done, the Rocket Dollar review team will send you all the documents electronically for you to sign.

Once you sign, your Rocket Dollar Review team will create your account and you will be able to fund your account.

3. Make a contribution to your new account

Now is the time to fund your account. You will do this by connecting your account to Rocket Dollar review team link.

You will be asked to upload scanned copies or digital copies of your current statements for your 401k or IRA. Once the Rocket Dollar Review team has all the documents they need, they will request the funds transfer on your behalf.

Then your money will be transferred from your old custodian to your new one connected with Rocket Dollar review.

4. Open an LLC Bank Account to Manage Your Funds

This process is not hard at all and the Rocket Dollar review team will help you with every step of it.

The process is all online, fast, and easy. When you are all done, your Rocket Dollar account will be open within 1 day.

5. Funding Your LLC Bank Account

As soon as your funds arrive to your new custodian, the Rocket Dollar review team will prepare and send you the paperwork to process the money being sent to your new LLC.

6. Start Investing In What You Want!

When you funds make it to your LLC, you can then start investing your money as you see fit.

You have complete control over your funds in a checkbook format. Basically, your money is in a bank account and you can access it as with a checkbook.

Be sure to record all your transactions in their Investment Tracker for your records.

You're Done!

That's it.

Now you have your very own self directed IRA or Solo-401k that you can invest as you see fit.

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