How to Create a Real Estate Website with WordPress

Building a wordpress website is much easier than you might think. It really only takes about 10-15 minutes to create it and you then have a wordpress website ready to go.

As an investor, a real estate website will greatly help you in your business. A real estate website will find you more and better deals, find good tenants, list properties for sale, and give you credibility as a real estate investor.

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Recently I interviewed an expert on real estate websites and I brought him on to show us why we need a real estate website and how to create one that will make us even more money.

Watch the video above to see why you need a real estate website for your investing business.

In this article, I'll show you how to build a website in wordpress, quickly and easily.

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How to build a real estate website in wordpress step-by-step:

  1. Register a domain name
  2. Select the right hosting company
  3. Pick the right hosting plan for your website and wordpress needs
  4. Create the new website on your new server
  5. Point the domain nameserver over to your new hosting company
  6. Build a website with wordpress step-by-step guide
  7. Design your website wordpress with a good looking theme
  8. Edit your home page, about us page, and contact page
  9. Publish your first blog post
  10. You're done!

Watch the video above, showing you step-by-step process to set up your website and create a fully functioning website for your business.

The step by step process to create your own real estate website:


Step 1: Register your domain name at Namecheap.comNamecheap promo code

Now, when you are registering your domain name, I suggest to NOT use bluehost to register your domain but to use

The reason you should use are:

  1. Costs less per year to keep the domain registered in your name
  2. Easy to change the nameserver to another server if you move hosting company's in the future
  3. Loads of security protecting your domain names
  4. All your domain names are in one place

If you use my affiliate link, you will get a discount on the already low price for domains.


Step 2: Select the right hosting company for your real estate website.

I personally recommend using Blue Host for ow to build a real estate website. They do a great job and have great customer service.

I have set up a discount for you if you use their service.

Use this link to get 50% OFF the normal price AND a free domain name from blue host.

You can get $4 off the monthly price of the hosting if you use


Steps to Set Up Your Bluehost Website WordPress account

Step 1 – Get 50% OFF Your Hosting at Bluehost

Got to my affiliate link to get the 50% off hosting and a free domain:

Now click the “Get Started Now” green button.

Step 2 – Pick the Right Plan For You

Select a hosting plan for your website.

Step 3 – Create or Select Your New Domain Name

Pick a domain name for your website.

Skip this step since you already created your domain name at

Step 4 – Make Your Payment

Go through the payment process. If you used my affiliate link: then you already have the huge discount of 50% off monthly hosting.

Step 5 – Secure Your Account

Create your password for your account.


making money with rental properties

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Step 6 – Log Into Your Account and Set Up The Site

Now log into your blue host account.

Step 7 – Design Your Site to Fit Your Business

Get your own real estate investor theme from REI Conversion

Check out the walk-through Jessey Kwong of REI Conversion did for us on the entire setup for real estate websites:

Get a real estate website investing theme here

ALSO! I've worked it out with to get you a huge discount on their themes and package for your business.

To get 20% OFF Use the REI Convesion Promo Code: MasterPassiveIncome

Step 8 – Log Into WordPress and Start Creating

Log into wordpress and start creating your website.

Step 9 – WordPress Setup

Set up your wordpress site.


Step 10 – Launch Your Site!

Launch your website to the world!


That's it and you are now done How to build a website wordpress!

With your site, you should work on getting the word out to everyone you meet about it. Put it on your business cards, tell people to go to it when they are looking at properties, etc.

Get out there and start your business website!

making money with rental properties

Making Money with Rental Properties FREE Investing Course

Get it FREE and Subscribe to the MPI Newsletter with loads of investing tips, advice, and advanced strategies for investing in real estate.



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