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The Tools You Need to Succeed at Every Level

Welcome to the Master Passive Income Investment Resources Section: a great list of tools, products, and services that I use and recommend to you for growing and building your business. We personally recommend these resources on this page. Many of the resources listed here are crucial to building and running my real estate investing business.


Build Your Business Right

Create Your LLC ONLY $29!

Your business needs and LLC. All my students use Northwest Registered Agent for creating their LLCs. PLUS! Register for only $29!

Start Your Business LLC here.

See my walk-through on how to set up your LLC here.

Free Business Banking Account

Get FREE Business Banking Account with NOVO. No monthly fees, no minimum, no fees for ACH, etc. Great place to do your business banking.

This is where I create my Business Banking Account for my real estate investing business.

High Interest Savings Account at CIT Bank

CIT BANK is the bank to keep all your money in. I personally store my money for investing in CIT Bank because of their services and AMAZING interest rate they give for ALL accounts. All my students hold their money at CIT Bank.

1 Minute Green Light Deal Analyzer

Analyze properties in 1 minute accurately as the MPI Investing Students do. You'll have the tools you need to for analyzing properties on ez-mode, consuming less time and fewer brain cells.

2% Cash Back Business Card | Amex

I personally have 3 of these American Express business credit cards for my businesses. Build your business credit fast.

2% Cash Back - 0.00% APR for the first 12 months - No Annual Fee!

Funding, Lenders, Taxes, & 401k

Self-Directed Investing 401k & IRA

Open a Self-Directed Solo 401(k) or Self-Directed IRA with Rocket Dollar and put your money to work. Rocket Dollar allows you to invest securely and easily in Real Estate, Precious Metals, and more. Use the Promo Code: MASTERPASSIVEINCOME22 to get $100 off!

Business Funding

Fund & Grow is a lending company that helps investors and entrepreneurs get access to 0% business credit lines.

You can get $500 discount on their services if you use my affiliate link here: Fund & Grow

5 Minute Approval, Fix & Flip, DSCR, BRRRR

Getting financing fast for your investing is crucial for good deals and NewSilver is a great company to get you funding. Get 5 minute online approval, instant term sheet and many other benefits to help you succeed.

DSCR, Fix & Flip, 30yr Fixed Loans

I've worked with a lending company called Kiavi, the largest private money lender for residential real estate investors, to provide you with reliable and fast financing for your next investment property. Get a quote here:

Cost Segregation For Single and Multi-Family Homes

It used to be too expensive to do a cost segregation on single family homes. Now, you can get your cost segregation study done at a low price to save you $$$ in taxes. From large multifamily properties to single family homes, Cost Segregation Authorities have you covered.

Short, Mid, & Long Term Rentals

All-In-One Banking, Accounting, and Property Management Software

Baselane makes the hardest parts of managing your rental property finances easy. From banking, bookkeeping, rent collection, reporting, analytics, and more – all in one place.

Analyze Deals Better

The best way to analyze your real estate deals, keep track of them, and get more deals done is through Dealcheck.


Get Accurate Rental Rates

Look up rent prices and grow your rental property portfolio. View rent prices and comps for any property in the US and track your rental portfolio with real-time alerts and market updates. Rent Cast helps us real estate investors to get accurate rental rates for our properties. Get 20% OFF with this promo code: MASTERPASSIVEINCOME

Stessa – Free Accounting Software

The software is ABSOLUTELY FREE and will manage all your accounting for your rental property business. Stessa will help you easily keep track of property performance, finances and the paper trail that comes with real estate investing.

See my Review and Walk-through here.

Find Tenants and Manage Properties

Get leads, screen tenants, create leases, and collect rent — all in one place. Free for landlords.

Short Term Rental Property Analysis Tool

Explore every market on earth. For free. Estimate any property’s earning potential. Find profitable properties to buy.

Vacation Rental Data to Set You Apart. Insights to Keep You Ahead. Get Started.

Background & Credit Check for Tenants

Run Background and Credit Checks for all your tenants and get the best info to find the best tenants. Get Started Here.

Finding Deals, Pulling Seller Lists, Direct Mail

Real Estate Investing A.I. At Your Fingertips

Uncover off-market leads and maximize your investment returns by easily tracking your drives, creating custom highlights, and even driving "virtually" from the comfort of your own home. Real Estate marketing and investing tool. Turns Real data into Real actions that close deals faster.  Get Started.

Property Data and Homeowner Lists

Datatree is one of the best data source companies to help you find properties for your real estate investing business. They can help with due diligence, property research, title work, and much more. Find properties faster and more accurately with DataTree and get a LARGE discount is you use this link:

Powerful Data + Targeted Marketing

With PropStream, you can quickly research and evaluate properties, both on and off market. Target motivated sellers, find cash buyers, compare accurate comps, and much more with our easy and accurate filtering systems. Start finding motivated sellers for your real estate investing.

Direct Mail Like The Pros with 10% OFF

REIPrintMail is a direct mail service that helps you get more deals faster. You’ll also get free access to a personalized direct mail coach, so you can be confident you’re sending out the most effective type and quantity of mail in each area. You can even get a 10% discount on your first order when you sign up through our affiliate link.

Insurance for Home and Health

Health Insurance Medi-Share

This is the health insurance I use for my family. Medi-Share is a non-profit, Christian-based medical expense-sharing program.
An Affordable Alternative To Health Insurance Get Started.

America's Preferred Home Warranty

The best home warranty for your budget. America’s preferred home warranty can help with the repair costs. Get Started.

Fast, Affordable Landlord Insurance

Coverage for fires, windstorms, water leaks, vandalism, and more for your rental. Get Started.

Free Landlord Insurance Quotes

Landlord insurance made easy. Protect yourself and your investment. Get Started.

Property Management

FREE Property Manager Software

This is the best FREE property manager software you can use. Manage your properties the right way with Avail. Get Started.

Property Management Done For You Nationwide

Hemlane is a property manager for you and your properties. They handle leasing, maintenance calls, collections, evictions, and much more. Hemlane property managers are going to help you take care of your properties.

Websites and Online Business

All-In-One Marketing

The Best ALL IN ONE Marketing platform for Online Businesses. This it the platform I personally use for my Real Estate Wealth Builders Membership.

Email Marketing, Courses, Landing Pages, Shopping Cart, Affiliate, Memberships, Funnels, Done-for-You Marketing, Etc.

Webinar Hosting

WebinarJam is the webinar platform I use for my business. Great platform and get a 14 Day FREE Trial!

Click here to get your free trial.

Web Hosting

Go Daddy is my recommended hosting company. The ease of use, lightning-speed websites, and their support makes them the best web hosting company around.

Step-by-step guide process to start your website here.

Podcast Hosting

Want to know where I host my podcast and LOVE working with? Captivate is the company I recently moved to and absolutely love working with them. So much better than my last company. Join captivate and get your voice heard

More Passive Income Ideas

Passive Income On Your Physical Gold & Silver

You can own gold, and earn income on it too!

Just like real estate, gold has a (very) strong track record of price appreciation against the dollar. And with Monetary Metals Gold Fixed Income opportunities, your gold works for you, earning you income and compounding your investment over time.

Commercial Property Investing with CrowdStreet

CrowdStreet is an online Marketplace that provides investors with direct access to carefully curated real estate deals.

They specialize in commercial properties with strong returns, short hold times, and lower risk. Crowdstreet is only for accredited investors at this time though.

Acre Trader

Acre Trader is a way for average people to invest in farmland which is a great opportunity. The returns are good and you can start with less than $5,000.

Affordable Legal Advice

Get quick answers from real lawyers, easily. Ask any legal question, or have an On Call attorney review your document.

There are free resources in this list that I created for you and some others are products or services you can purchase. Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means that if you choose to make a purchase, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. I share these not because of the commission but because of the value they will be to you as a business owner. If you decide to buy something, I appreciate your support as well as encourage you to only buy these products if they will benefit you and your business.

Books by Dustin Heiner

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