Real Estate Foundations

Investing Course

Investing in Real Estate the Right Way

Many people try to invest and fail. Not you.

Now you will have the foundational principles to a successful real estate investing business.

Just like a building, your business needs a strong foundation.

Learn what it takes to build a strong foundation for your real estate investing business. The course is designed for beginner to intermediate-level investors.

Video Resources

  • 40+ Video Lessons by Dustin Heiner
  • How to Find Properties
  • How to Analyze Properties
  • Know What Properties to Buy

Professional Resources and Tools for a Strong Foundation

  • Get all the tools that Dustin and other professional investors use to run their business.

Complete Rental Property Investing Workbook

  • The Guide that will walk you through the entire process to investing in rental properties.

Real Estate Foundations

Beginner to intermediate-level investors

Just like a building, your business needs a strong foundation. Learn what it takes to build a strong foundation for your real estate investing business.

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Modules in the Real Estate Foundations Course

Fundamentals of Real Estate

  • Get Your Life Ready for Investing
  • How to Make Money Investing In Real Estate
  • Learn the 6 Ways You Make Money In Real Estate
  • Find out How to Quit Your Job With Rental Properties

Real Estate Business Plan

  • How to Turn a Real Estate Transaction Into Cash
  • Planning Out Your Business Process
  • Build Your Team
  • Invest and Think Like A Rich Person

Real Estate Profits Center

  • Where to Find Money Making Properties
  • How to Analyze the Deals
  • Custom Walk-through to find properties
  • Access to MPI Property Search Portal

Build Your Empire

  • Get to Work Building Your Business
  • How to Make a 780% Return on Your Money
  • Set Up Your Company the Right Way

Course Information

Here's What is Included in the Real Estate Foundations Course

Real Estate Foundations was created to teach you the foundational principles and practical steps to create a successful real estate investing business. If you are new to real estate investing or have rental properties of your own, this is the course to help you be successful in your business.

Most people get fed up with their properties and no longer want to be landlords. This is the course to help you NEVER be like that and LOVE your properties because they make you LOTS of money.

MPI - Asset 12

Learn at Your Own Pace

The Step-by-Step sections teach you how to become a successful real estate investor and landlord.

MPI - Asset 13

Action Items to Walk You Through The Process

​I know there is a lot to do. This is why I created action items and specific steps you must take to build your business to become a successful investor.

MPI - Asset 9

5 Bonus Lessons

Everything from finding properties to negotiating successfully will be included in the course as a HUGE Bonus for you.

MPI - Asset 14

Lifetime Access to The Course

​That's right, you get lifetime access to the course and all the updated and expanded information in the course.

MPI - Asset 10

Constantly Updated and Expanded

As an investor, we always need to be learning. That is why the course will be updated with more information, more money making strategies, and professional tips to make you even more successful. ​

MPI - Asset 11

Gain Exclusive Access to the MPI Facebook Community

​Financial independence is a team sport. I created the MPI Facebook Community for everyone to grow in their understanding of finances and investing. This is a team sport and you will work with other students to be a financially successful.

Video Training

Investing for 15+ years, Dustin Heiner teaches how to be successful real estate investing with video lessons.

Action Steps

Don't just learn how to invest in real estate, get the action steps to create a real estate investing business.

Pro Strategies

Learn from the successes from pro investors who have done it and now are sharing it with you.


Get access to the MPI Facebook community with other MPI investors to be successful in your investing.


Hi, I’m Dustin Heiner

I Became Successfully Unemployed At 37. Here's how I can help you do the same by following a proven path.

"You know how a lot of people struggle because they hate going back day after day to a job they can't stand where someone else is always calling the shots?

I help give people a way to create passive income through rental properties so they can quit the job they hate and call their own shots."

— Dustin Heiner

Follow the Proven Path to be Successfully Unemployed

In just 9 years of investing in real estate and over 35 rental properties later, I had enough monthly passive income to leave my dead-end job. Now, I am financially free, independent, and able to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

I’m here to teach you exactly how I did it and walk you through the process step-by-step. You will be able to learn from my mistakes and successes and build your own real estate rental business from the ground up.

Let me show you how to live the dream life with passive income in rental properties.


Don't Take Our Word For It

Check out what our students are saying

Finally one step closer!

I have my first house under contract for 85k. Expenses should be between 775-850 depending on new rates and rent from 1250 – 1450!

Jake Smith

United States

Hey everyone, I wanted to announce that Friday was my last day in my corporate job, and will be continuing my career full-time with The DeRosa Group!

The decision comes on the heels of some amazing discussions with many of you here, so I wanted to be sure to thank this community!! My main function will be raising private capital for syndications. I’ll continue to sell homes and small MF on the side and actually just closed deal #2 on Thursday!

Thank you to anyone I spoke with at REWBCON or afterwards… you’re all awesome!

Vincent Celeste

United States

Just wanted to say thank you! For a lot of real estate investors it was “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, for me it was “How to Quit Your Job with Real Estate Properties”.

After reading it I bought one, two, and now at 7. You have changed my life brother, thank you! All my properties are in a military town and since my tenants are all military, regardless of what happens to our economy and jobs, the rent payments come in. I’m in a niche that many don’t pay attention to, but none of it would be possible without the initial motivation I got from the book, so thank you! God bless you brother!

Keith A

United States

Start Your Real Estate Investing Journey

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. Take the first step toward building your successful real estate investing business from the ground up.

  • Real Estate Foundations Blueprint ($299 Value)
  • Business Building Step-by-Step Guide ($199 Value)
  • Profit Making in Passive Income Blueprint ($199 Value)
  • Growing Your Business Template ($99 Value)
  • Pro-Tools that Save You Money and Make You Money ($99 Value)
  • HUGE BONUS: Financing, Running the Numbers, Negotiating, Rehabing, & More! ($199 Value)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $1,094

Real Estate Foundations

Beginner to intermediate-level investors

Just like a building, your business needs a strong foundation. Learn what it takes to build a strong foundation for your real estate investing business.

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