6 Things Stopping You From Investing In Real Estate and How to Overcome Them

How do you get past all the roadblocks that are stopping you from investing in real estate?

First, knowing the issues or challenges is the best start. Next, learn from others how they got past their issues and go onto success.

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First: Success Breeds Success.

Every little win along the way will give you courage and help prove to yourself that you can do it.

You need to make up your mind and start today. With all the great ways to make money with real estate investing and start makign passive income.

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Now, here are some reasons I, and many others, have delayed our start with investing.

Fear of the Unknown

When we are young, we are all told to go to school and get good grades. Then we are to go to college and get a degree.

Once completed, we are told to go find a job and get a pension, IRA, 401k, and you will be able to stop working when you are 65 years old. It seems as though traditional education teaches the way of an employee, not the way of the rich. Being an employee is very honorable and for the majority of society this is where they are and will stay.

The government schools do not teach you how to be rich. You need to educate yourself and learn from those who are already rich.

For those who want to be rich need to educate themselves to think like the rich because the rules of life are not different for them. Some may say that the rich in America has different rules than the rest of us but that is not the case.

As in America, when there is equal justice under the law, there is equal opportunity to be rich.

The only way to be rich is to learn how to play the game by the rules the rich play by. They have the same rules but they know how to use those rules to their advantage.

Make A Change – Get Education

Devote 1-2 hours a week to personal education.

I know this may seem like a lot of time and energy but without it, nothing will change. Also, take this in bite size chunks. Do 15 min each day of learning about passive income.

Here are some great ways to learn easily on any subjects:

  • Read blogs
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Check out and read books at the local library
  • Listen to Audiobooks

Success happens when you are prepared for it with education.

In the podcast, I talked about how I was very concerned about the hot air balloon ride I was taking my family on. This was because I was not educated on the process and wasn't aware of how safe it was.

Being concerned about my young kids falling out or us plummeting to the ground is an huge ball of fire was on my mind for two weeks leading up to the ride.

After I was educated and then experienced the ride, I realize there was nothing to worry about.

Because of education and experience, my fear was gone.

Life Getting In The Way

The only thing that really matters is life. Not money, not time, just life. If you waste the life you were given, then it's gone. You can never get it back.

Life does get in the way though. Jobs, marriage, children, hobbies, etc. These are great things in life (except your job) and you shouldn't feel like you need to get rid of them. You do need to adjust a bit to make your life more accommodating to your passive income.

If you don't change something now, you will continue on the path of working for the rest of your life. Your life will run you instead of you running your life. Eventually, you will end up wherever life takes you.

Make A Change – Take the First Step and Force Yourself Into the Investing Life

Make the decision today to change and start down the path towards passive income in rental properties.

Let's make a new hobbie for you right now. Your new hobbie is making money with passive income.  This should be a passion for you. Make a conscious choice right now to apply your life to being rich with passive income.

Lao Tzu said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.

It's time for you just take the first step.

Time – or Lack Of It…

Time is inevitably one of the things that keep us from being rich.

If you have a job where you are working more than 40 hours a week, your time is taken away from you while you are making money for other people.

There are only 168 hours in every week.

If you spend 40 hours of it at a job (Just Over Broke) you have only 128 hours left to do the things you want to do.

What about sleep? 8 hours each day is taken up by sleep. Subtract 56 hours to your 128 and you only have 72 hours left to making passive income. 96 hours every week are taken up by things that you have no control over.

If you wanted to, you can cut out sleep to only six hours a day which will give you two extra hours to spend. But then you may be less effective throughout the day. All the things that you were trying to get accomplished will be done poorly if you don't have the brain capacity to push forward to reach your goals.

Every minute you spend watching TV takes away from you making money with passive income.

Make A Change – Take Back Your Time

You will not be rich if you spend your time watching TV, reading Facebook, watching the news or doing anything that doesn't advance you to your goal. Focus all your time and energy on making money with passive income.

Try to take a one week fast from all social media, news, TV, and anything else in your life that is distracting you. Take those hours that would normally be spent wasting time and make sure that you are applying that time to making passive income.

No Money to Invest

I hear it said all the time: You need money to make money.

This is not true.

There are many ways to make money without money. Most people never start investing because they believe they don't have enough money. Anyone can make plenty of money in real estate without any money at all. It's just a lot easier if you already have money to start out with.

Don't let the lack of money keep you from moving forward.

All it takes is education and learning from those who have already set the path for you to take and do what they've done.

Make A Change – Start Your Passive Income Snowball

The great thing about passive income is that it builds on itself. The more rental properties I buy, the more money I have to invest.

You can start investing with little to no money down.

Check out this article where I share how I would invest with little to no money down.

Fear of the Failure

Are you afraid of failure?

Some people go through life without trying anything new, exciting, or adventurous. Stepping out away from your job is a very scary thing to do. But if you have income already coming in that covers your expenses, you can quit without worrying.

Are you afraid of losing money?

What if you bought a $150,000 rental home that went vacant for 2 months. You still have your mortgage and bills that need to be paid even though it is not rented. Can you tolerate not having income for a month or two?

We all are to some extent. Some are just more tolerant of these than others. I personally have a high tolerance for failure because I have learned that growth comes with failure. I have learned so much more from my failures than from my success.

Make A Change – Do Something Every Day that Scares You

Step out of your comfort zone once a day and do something that you are afraid of. Are you afraid of making cold calls to make sales? Force yourself to do it everyday.

If you do not face your fears, they will always stay with you.

Remember: Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained

Making Excuses to Never Start Investing

Everyone has excuses why they won't start investing in passive income. Excuses are easy to make and they all are horrible.

It's always harder to actively focus and work towards your goals while making things happen. Only when you put effort towards making money with passive income will you ever start.

When you making excuses, you are only making excuses to yourself. It is up to you to get motivated. You are only letting yourself down when you make excuses.

Make A Change – Goal Setting

Find reasons why you should start making money with passive income rather than reasons why you shouldn't. If you focus on the negatives, that is all you will see.

Don't let yourself make excuses for missing deadlines, seizing opportunities, or not starting today.

Stop making excuses right now and focus on the goal of passive income so you can quit your job!

What is holding you back from investing in real estate rental properties?

I want to know.

Leave me a comment below.

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