The Out of State Investor

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Investing Out Of State the Right Way

Out of state investing does not have to be hard. Follow the step-by-step process to buy cash-flowing rental properties.

Get the Tools You Need to Start Investing Out of State

Investing out of state takes more than just buying a house.

  • How do you know where to buy?
  • How do you find the right people to run your business?
  • How do you make sure you don't lose money with people stealing from you?

All this and more is what Out of State Investing is all about. Learn how to invest in the most profitable places in the country with this step by step system.

Video Resources

  • Video Lessons with Dustin Heiner
  • How to Find Properties Without Flying
  • Make Sure Your Properties Are Protected
  • Find Money Making Areas of the Country

Professional Out Of State Tools to Help You Run Your Business

  • Get all the tools that Dustin and other professional investors use to run their business.

Make Even More Money

  • Investing in areas of the country that the professionals invest in. Learn how to make cheap homes make loads of money for you!

The Out-Of-State Investor

Starting a hands-off, out-of-state investment

Build an out-of-state business that runs itself, Learn how to grow your business to more and more properties in any state all over the country.

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Modules In the Out of State Investor Course Columns

Step-by-Step Lessons

  • How to Find the Right Areas to Invest
  • How to Buy the Right Properties
  • How to Rehab Properties Yourself
  • How to Make Sure Your Property is Managed Properly

How to Find Good Deals

  • The Best Areas of the Country
  • Utilize the Experts in the Area
  • Get Deals Sent To You While You Sleep
  • How to Get Your Offers Accepted
  • How to Make Money When You Buy the Property

Financing Out of State

  • Find Lenders Who Will Lend to You
  • How to Find the Right Banks
  • How to Use Hard Money
  • Find Private Lenders

Rehabbing Properties

  • Manage Your Rehab without Being There
  • Hire the Right Contractors
  • How to Make Sure They Do the Job the Right Way

Course Information

Here's What is Included in the Out of State Investor Course

The Out of State Investor course was created to get you to be a successful investor in areas you may never have even been to. If you are new to investing out of state, this is your step-by-step guide to investing successfully from thousands of miles away from your property.


MPI - Asset 12

Learn at Your Own Pace

There are six specific sections that break down everything you know about how to invest out of state and NEVER even see your property or even travel to the state.

MPI - Asset 13

Action Items to Walk You Through The Process

​I know there is a lot to do. This is why I created action items and specific steps you must take to be a successful out of state investor.

MPI - Asset 9

Amazing Business Automation Bonuses

Managing properties from thousands of miles away is tough. That is why we automate the business so we don't have to work on the business. We have others do it for us.

MPI - Asset 14

Lifetime Access to The Course

​That's right, you get lifetime access to the course and all the updated and expanded information in the course.

MPI - Asset 10

Constantly Updated and Expanded

As an investor, we always need to be learning. That is why the course will be updated with more information, more money making strategies, and professional tips to make you even more successful. ​

MPI - Asset 11

Gain Exclusive Access to the MPI Facebook Community

​Financial independence is a team sport. I created the MPI Facebook Community for everyone to grow in their understanding of finances and investing. This is a team sport and you will work with other students to be financially successful.

Video Training

Watch as Dustin teaches you each step of the way in video format so you can learn from the stories, lessons, and successes that he has accomplished.

Action Steps

Do More Than Just Learn. Get the Step-by-Step process to invest out of state in real estate to become a successful investor.

Pro Strategies

These lessons can only be learned by actually doing it yourself. After 15+ years of investing out of state, Dustin shares all of the ways you can be successful.


Get access to the MPI Facebook community with other MPI investors to be successful in your investing.


Hi, I’m Dustin Heiner

I Became Successfully Unemployed At 37. Here's how I can help you do the same by following a proven path.

"You know how a lot of people struggle because they hate going back day after day to a job they can't stand where someone else is always calling the shots?

I help give people a way to create passive income through rental properties so they can quit the job they hate and call their own shots."

— Dustin Heiner

Follow the Proven Path to be Successfully Unemployed

In just 9 years of investing in real estate and over 35 rental properties later, I had enough monthly passive income to leave my dead-end job. Now, I am financially free, independent, and able to do whatever I want, whenever I want.

I’m here to teach you exactly how I did it and walk you through the process step-by-step. You will be able to learn from my mistakes and successes and build your own real estate rental business from the ground up.

Let me show you how to live the dream life with passive income in rental properties.


Don't Take Our Word For It

Check out what our students are saying

I am soooo excited!!! I bought my first rental property!!!

I wouldn’t even have the nerve to do this without the help of Dustin Heiner! I appreciate you so much for the endless coaching calls and back-and-forth emails.


United States

Big thanks to Dustin Heiner for all the guidance in the beginning of our journey.

And here we go again! Finally!!! Praise The Lord! We decided to extend our coaching with him to purchase our next one (3rd) with even more confidence. This property will be turned into a short-term rental. We will be flying to Ohio on the 26th of this month and spend 2 weeks there to furnish it and get to know our team! We are beyond blessed to be a part of this group. So thankful!!!

Sean & Roberta Fontaine


Just Closed on Our First Cash Flow Rental Property

We are on our way to Financial Freedom!!! Just closed on our first cash flow property! Special thanks to Dustin Heiner, who walked me to the whole process, and above all to God for granting us this amazing opportunity.

Biggest Lessons Learned:

  • Be Patient
  • Be Persistent
  • Absorb As Much Knowledge You Can & Ask Many Questions

We wish you all the best whether you are searching for your first property or closing the next one! Looking forward to seeing your successful post! Happy New Year With Many Great Deals!!!!

Charles Rose Jr.

North Carolina

Don't Let This Opportunity Pass You By

Take the first step towards growing your real estate investing business as an out of state investor.

  • Out of State Investing Blueprint ($499 Value)
  • Financing from Another State Guide ($199 Value)
  • Finding Deals While You Sleep Step-by-Step Guide ($299 Value)
  • Rehabing Out of State Properties System ($199 Value)
  • Private Money Lenders Guide ($299 Value)
  • Rehab and Invest From Out of State ($199 Value)
  • Find the Right Cities to Invest In to Make the Most Money Blueprint ($299 Value)
  • HUGE BONUS: Automate Your Business Step-by-Step System ($199 Value)
  • TOTAL VALUE: $1,993

The Out-Of-State Investor

Starting a hands-off, out-of-state investment

Build an out-of-state business that runs itself, Learn how to grow your business to more and more properties in any state all over the country.

Only: $997