Creative Real Estate Offers for Your Next Deal

creative real estate offersIn the process of acquiring properties, making a creative real estate offer is probably the most nerve racking thing you will encounter.

Do your best to push yourself through it and get the offer on the table.

Like all things that get easier the more you do it, presenting an offer is no exception.  What it comes down to is if you are meeting the needs/desires of the seller and are creating a win-win in transaction.

It may be good to practice presenting the offer to someone you know and would be able to get feedback on how you do.

Nerves are a good thing to have and can keep you humble.  Try your best to stay calm when you are presenting the offer to the seller but don't worry if you are nervous.

People do not really like cocky, rude, or arrogant people. If you stay humble and helpful, you will get a lot more deals done because of your attitude.

The offer needs to be written in a way that the seller will accept it even though it is a lower amount than they are asking for. The price you are going to offer is based on the numbers you calculate from the income and expenses of the property.

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