Actual Investor Reviews Cozy Property Management Software

I personally use Cozy for rent collection and managing my property management software. Because I love the system and use it, I wanted to do a cozy review to help you to use it as well.

After years of fumbling through everything with managing my properties, I have found Cozy for rent, screening, listing properties, which has made my life SOOO much easier.

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Cozy is Not Just For Landlords but Is Great for Tenants Too!

Along with being great for being a landlord, my tenants LOVE using Cozy too.

They find so many potential places to live in by searching through all the different properties listed on various sites, rent collection is simple and can be free, AND they can even put in maintenance requests, all online.

The tenant can even submit and application and have their background check all done through their app and awesome website.

What Is Cozy Property Management Software

Cozy is a FREE property management software for landlords and property managers. Here are just a few of the great things you can do with Cozy.

  1. Rent collection
  2. Tenant screening
  3. Property listing
  4. Expense tracking
  5. Track maintenance requests
  6. and much more!

The best part is that it is FREE and it does exactly what a landlord wants.

I created a video with Lucas Hall, the founder of Landlordology and works with Watch the video above as he shows us the full system, how to use it, and all the great things it does.

Check out the video above to see all the amazing things it can do.

To get started using Cozy property management review, you can get an account for free here:

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Each of the screen shots are of the system as of today. It may change in the future but not so much that you would not be able to figure out the process.

I personally use Cozy property management software and managing my rental properties. It is by far the best free property management software out there. Not only that, I make more money because the ease of use for the tenants allows them to pay their rent easily and online.

Cozy Property Management Review of the Phone App

Cozy App Property Management Review

The Cozy app for a property manager is terrific on all devices. It is just like the same system as the online version of the cozy property management software.

The one catch though is that you will not find the app in the app store. What you will need to do is even better than an app.

It is basically the website that is viewed through your phone but acts like an app. This is great because you don't have to install anything onto your phone, taking up space and processing power.

What you need to do to get the app on your phone is to bookmark the page in your web browser on your phone, and then place the bookmark on your screen.

That's it!

Follow these steps to how to use Cozy Property Management Software

  1. Go to to activate your account
  2. Sign up with your email address
  3. Fill in the information needed for your account
  4. Enter the activation code for double authentication of your account
  5. Create your first listing
  6. Add the property address, characteristics, and other information
  7. Be sure to add nice pictures for prospective tenants
  8. Activate the listing to send it to many other sites to list the property for rent
  9. Start a collecting rent by setting up the rent collection information
  10. Enter in the criteria you have for the property

Sometimes sites and services can be a little tricky so I created an entire walk-through for you to get your own account at Cozy review for rent.

How to Get Started Using Cozy Property Manager Review Software

1. Go to  Active your FREE Cozy review for rent account on the home page.

All you do is enter in your email address on the home page and then click “Get Started”.

How to use Cozy

2. Sign up with your email address

3. Add in your the criteria for yourself.

  • Email
  • Landlord
  • First and Last Name
  • Password
  • Number of properties you currently manage

4. Get the activation code from Cozy Property management

This is for double security. It helps you to keep your account secure and to make sure no one can get into your account to steal your money.


5. Enter the Cozy Property Management activation code for double authentication of your account

Once you click to get your activation code, you will be sent to the next screen to enter in the code.   To get your code, check your email for an email from In the email, you will see the verification code.   Copy and paste that code in the verification code box as seen below.  

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Your Account is now set up in Cozy property management review.

Next, you need to create a listing for your property.

When you log in, you will see a link for “Create a Listing”. Click that button and walk through the process and answer the questions.  


1. Add the property address into Cozy Property Management Software

2. Enter the property characteristics, description, and other information


3. Walk-through each step, add pictures, and then be sure to select these two check boxes. “Require Credit Reports” and “Require Background Checks”.

Every tenant you place in your property must have a background and credit check.

I cannot stress that enough. I have personally lost $10,000 or more because I did not select good tenants. The tenants selected were not good because I did not do a background check.

The background check will help you know all the history for the tenant.

This will give you a great understanding if they are a tenant you want in your property.


4. Select the “Accepting Applicants” button on the right. 

  This button will then activate the property as an “Active Listing” for many sites. Cozy does all the work for you.   Now, your property will be listed on all the main “For Rent” listing sites.  


5. Send out the link to your property to everyone that may be interested in your place.


6. Next, start collecting rent on your properties that you already have a tenant in.

If you already have tenants in the property, you can collect rent from them without listing the property for rent.

In the listing you just created, click the “Collect Rent” button.


7. Add in the rent amount, security deposit, and duration of the lease.


8. All Done!

Now your property is set up in Cozy Property Management Software and rent collection.


  Let me know how you are doing with your rental properties.

Leave a comment below.

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Unedited Transcript:All right everybody so I have a special treat for you.

I have Lucas hall.

He works with Cozy for rent and I wanted to bring him on because I want him to show you firsthand what Cozy for rent for rentes

Hey Lucas thanks for being here with me.

Hey Dustin thanks for having me again.

Yeah man I'm so excited to have you here sharing it with us. What Cozy for rent for rent is all about now.

I've used Cozy for rent for rent for about a year and I truly love using the platform especially that it's free. It's completely for me as a landlord.

It's great and I'm I just am blown away at the service that it that I get as well as the quality that I get for not even having to pay. And so that's just blows my mind that you guys are able to do it.

So tell us a little bit about yourself.

Lucas Sure.

So my name is Lucas Hall I'm a landlord and I have five properties in three states but I'm also kind of a tech nerd so I like technology you know I just I've always enjoyed it and a long time ago I started a website called landlord ology dot com and that Web site was just there very much like your site just to teach people how to be better or efficient.

You do a much better job than I ever did with your course and everything and I just think that you know you're doing a great job so kudos to you.

But I hear it a Cozy for rent Cozy for rent actually acquired my Asamoah Web site and me. Landlord How do you build up you know the industry and help them actually learn how to be more ethical more profitable to build a portfolio that you can retire on.

I've been with those for four years and we built software for landlords. And so it's a tool that I use myself to manage my properties. From about 2000 miles away and it makes it super easy.

I remember because I had you on my podcast where I interviewed you and you talk about how you currently live in Denver Colorado and you invest in Washington D.C. and you use Cozy for rent for rent to manage your properties and have people pay your tenants pay and do background checks and screen your tenants and all that sort of stuff.

Yeah it's awesome I mean I've been using them for years now and I've not paid a dime for this.

So tell us a little bit about Cozy for rent for rent.

What can it do. I know we're going to walk through it and so everybody watching is going to be able to see that. But tell us what it does.

You know I've got some visual cues so if you don't mind I'll just pull those up as well so let's do it. Here we go. And thank you everyone for watching. I'm so excited to be in front of you and show you a little about this tool that has really changed my life and changed my business.

And I get to help build it. So you know it's kind of neat because I get to eat my own dog food as they say but let me tell you a little robot Cozy for rent.

So Cozy for rent is it is software for landlords so accessible on your computer or any mobile device.

And so you can access and run your business completely from your phone. In addition to that we do a couple core things. And so our core services are at the top there. Essentially it's marketing for your property you can list your property and find tenants for it and then you can screen those tenants with background checks and applications and credit reports.

And then when you find somebody like you can actually roll those into online payments like what I was saying which is just so amazing.

They work.

It just works really well and I have tenants who love paying rent. I mean how many times you actually cure tenants say that they like paying rent but they actually do as we do in such a seamless beautiful way that they they don't have to think about it or worry about it.

But in addition to that you can track your rental expenses or rental property expenses like a new roof or a fridge or you know new carpet or whatever you have inside Cozy for rent and we'll help you export that to a beautiful report that you you're counting on or for you when you're doing your taxes.

You can track maintenance requests that get submitted through co-lead which include videos and pictures that a tenant can upload and then you could also shirred arguments with the like leases and move checklist anything else that you want to share with your tenant.

We also do renter's insurance which is amazingly simple for your rhetoric to get and then it also helps them track or else you track whether they actually have an active policy. And then we continue to educate you as a landlord and help you along the way. And that's something that does some does something that we try to do through tools and resources that we have.

Just help you succeed along your journey but the best part is is that it is 100 percent free.

So as Dustin mentioned it is truly truly free. I mean there's no catches. And we do make money. Don't be fooled.

We we are a profitable company we make money on the credit report and background check it. You might get from a tenant. So if you want that when you're screening somebody they will pay for that when they're applying.

Hey look at some jump in right there. So everybody watching this and I'm going to stress this over and over again and you've seen in my other videos that I stress this.

Absolutely 100 percent. Always do a background check on every single tenant that you are potentially going to be putting your property because you might get a tenant that looks great on paper but in reality and their credit and the background check shows what a reality actually is they might be a horrible 10 I'll give you a quick example.

So I had a tenant who was a possible tenant. She applied. On paper she looked fantastic like she look great. Great job great income rental history and all that sort of stuff. Well I ran a background check on her and it turns out she was evicted four times in the last three years. So I didn't want to be the fifth so I definitely pass on that but if I didn't cause I have done I have placed tenants and not done background checks I learned the hard way that it costs a lot of money so a just having a background check in general is something that you must do.

But here's a great thing with Cozy for rent for rent the tenants pay for that when they apply.
They pay for that background checks that's not the I you're talking to so definitely always do background checks.

Yeah and out of that with the background check I actually really enjoy the fact that they pay for it

not only because it's you know it saves me money but it's kind of like a weeder like it gets sort of

the tire kickers the people who think oh I don't want to pay $40 or twenty five dollars.

I know what you're getting.

Or a background check or airport.

But it's like well you know you're going to have to pay me like twelve hundred bucks next month for rent so if you're arguing over $39 you're probably not going to pay rent either.

So it's kind of a way to get rid of the ones that don't really perform. So because he's been around as I mentioned since about 2012 we originally got our money.

I received money to get started from Google Ventures but then went on and got some of the best investors on the planet to help you know raise capital so we could become a profitable company.

But including Tim Ferriss who with four hour work week Stuart Butterfield who founded Flickr and slack and the Gary Vaynerchuk is just a marketing genius let people know who he is it so these guys are all on our you know list of angel investors and they have they have some capital inside because they make sure that we succeed.

But you're not alone. So because he is widely used.

So right now we have about 300000 independent landlords in every state county and city and you know in the United States too they use Cozy for rent for rent to manage their own properties. And we have about 800000 residents or tenants using Cozy for rent for rent to pay rent and apply to places and it's just catching on really quickly.

So currently we process about two billion dollars in rent every year so our money and that's something we take seriously at our core we are we are not a bank but we are are we do look at ourselves kind of a financial services company because we're processing that much money and we've invested significant funds into fraud prevention and security and encryption to make sure that this thing work exactly.

You're right. You know you should get it on time and quickly. And the best part is we're growing incredibly fast so we are currently growing at about 12000 to landlords a month about 35000 new tenants are signing up for Cozy for rent for rent to manage the properties.

And this picture you know and I love this picture. This is this is what it looks like for me to collect rent. So it's Sunday morning I'm like sitting in my casual clothes on my computer. Just you know looking to Amazon and then my phone goes off and it's like ding you know like hey congratulations your rent is being like.

That's that's what it feels like for me as a passive you know self-managing Lord who is really passive because I'm hardly doing anything for my rental properties.

Whereas some people track down the rent every month and they have to chase their tenants down but I literally don't have to leave my house.

All right. So that is Cozy for rent in a nutshell.

Let's dive in. Dustin you only to give a quick demo of the product. Yeah That would be great because I know I'm fairly tech savvy and are some people that are part of our course that aren't.

And so it would be great if you could walk through. How does how to set it up how to get your tenants and how to enter your properties and all that great stuff that Cozy for rent can do.

Sure do.

OK so the first step is to go to Cozy for rent.

Cozy property managment review and in fact what I request that you do is use dustman's link here just so we can track it as for rent dicho slash.

Dustin and it looks exactly the same but it helps us know that you're you're one of his friends and that's super helpful.

So go here you can set up for the account when you do you'll actually log in and you'll see a list. Our place here where you can add in your properties. So this is what the system looks like.

Once you go in and you add in the property and so adding a property is really easy to just say out a property and tell us a little bit about that property.

You know tell us about the address. Give us a little picture tell us if it's a single family home or some sort of a multi unit building and that's it.

And then once you do that you'll start to see the little cards appear with all the properties that you might have in the build up.

So if you're just getting started.

Cozy for rent for rent is specifically designed to work for independent landlords or self managers you have anywhere from 1 to 20 units. But in fact we do have customers who have 300 400 or 500 hundreds and they're using because they're not having to pay for it which is awesome but it's designed specifically for small ass landlords like me.

So it works really great.

I can see all our properties here. And let's just walk through it. So you buy your first property. You you follow with us and say you're getting here. You find the mortgage or the funding and you go and buy new clothes. You are renovating and at the same time you're taking pictures and you think you know me and I got to get trained. So you want to create a listing as the first step. And so it's super easy for you out of property. It it'll just walk you through different steps.

For example I've got one set up here. But let's go and edit it so I can show you exactly what it looks like. There's different steps in here and it's simple it is like. Tell us about the house. Tell us about what you want to say about the house. And then you walk through these little different cards and apart. Pardon me if it's little slow.

That when the view is on there's less but you walk through the details.

Tell us about your lease and then you add in all kinds of pictures or videos or YouTube videos that you might have uploaded about the property and then tell us if you want to screen those applicants who want to apply.

If you want to screen them by contracts or reports so let's see what's going on here. Cozy Property Management Review

Go to your it's funny the anonymous text is saying it's too long so we're going to skip over that part but let me show you what a finalized listing looks like so here's an example.

This is Mobile accessible as well so most of us actually look at these on their phones. But you have a big banner image which you can pick whatever you want. Tennents can cycle through the pictures and then as they scroll down they'll see what the price is where the location is.

All the information you added and then any sort of text that you might have written for that sort of

features it has and then you know if this was not an anonymized address it would actually show you the

exact location on a map and why it's OK to play with kids.

You know what the safety measures we take for them as they apply.

But if they do want to apply they'll have a little link here or a little look form they fill out where

it gets the process started.

And it's super easy.

They just either fill out a basic application.

And then if you require current reports and background checks they will be required to ID verify and answer some security questions and then we'll get their report back.

Now the nice part is that our report and background check is super secure.

So they actually get a copy of both of those at the same time you do it and you don't ever have to be exposed to the sensitive information that they might have and you could never be accused of stealing their identity because we keep you safe as well.

So let's just look at some.

So I have here my list my little inbox of applications and I've got a few here so it's good hope in this one.

This is a property that has about six bedrooms in it.

I believe if you listen to the last blessed my guess I do with us and I've got a house on Copperhill

as six bedrooms and this is an anonymised version of that.

So here's an example where all these these ladies went in and said they're all going to rent this place

together and so they're all under one lease and they've all applied and Cozy for rent very easily put everything

together took all their applications and put it together and it gives you this beautiful little chart.

So you have income versus rent and it tells you hey guess what the rents almost 30 are.

Fifty four hundred.

And together their monthly gross combined income is about 20 $4000 which is four and a half times the

monthly rent amount.

Now if you're following best practices you typically want their total household income to be about three

times the monthly rent amount and that's just so they can afford it right.

The debt to income ratio is like 33 percent or so.

And it tells you also that it requires 22 percent of their total income but then it goes on and tells

me each of the tenants and exactly what they reported as income.

So you can see here that IRA didn't report any income and it's because as a student she doesn't have

a job.

But all the other ones make up for it.

So it's OK.

So these people actually ended up getting a place and I was happy to rent for them but I wanted to dive

in deep and I do recommend that you do click on their profile and they will tell you all about you know

their application what they've been or an employer is you know how to contact her employer who their

past land words are and how to contact them.

And then it will give you references that will give you basic information too about bankruptcy's actions

words virtual contacts et cetera.

And if you purchased credit reports or if they purchased it on your behalf then you will also get to

see those.

So let's log in real quick here.

And here's an example of some actual credit reports.

Let me make the most part or I'm sorry.

Background checks.

And so here's an example of a clean background check for Mr. Brian Buster blues.

And you can see everything is clear.

Came back and there's nothing here we did a social security trace a civil search a sex offender search

a global terrorist watch list and a national criminal search.

But if you scroll over and get this perhaps which is George Michael Bluth which if you're ever you know

you're a fan of arrested development you'll know he's out there what's going on here.

But George Michael Bluth you know came back with a civil search that you might want to look at a national

criminal search for maybe burning down a banana stand.

And then a county search was well in California.

And so you can see here here's the information here's what's going on here and it tells you more about


And the best part is that Tenet sees this as well.

So they get a copy of this too.

And often times when I've had tenants who do have issues with their background they don't admit it right


But as soon as it comes back like they're on the phone calling me and saying like oh yeah I forgot about

that eviction you know two months ago almost all you know is reject me.

And so it's kind of like a true center that makes them honest.

In addition to the background check you can get a credit report Jack and it's one of the most easy to

read pretty back or pretty credit reports I've ever seen.

And we didn't look at a lot before we designed us what we wanted to make it super easy to understand

and what you'll get in a car or for Miss Sarah Patterson is that you'll see here she's got a credit

profile credit score.

And then where she sits in the entire United States in terms of her percentage and that goes into telling

you how much credit she's use out of her available credit what her total monthly payments are.

And then my favorite part and tell me Dustin is this is something you do as well but my favorite part

about learning about the credit report is is finding out how much debt they have and what type of debt

it is.


So in this case Sarah Patterson has about $130000 probably on a lock.

I'm guessing some sort of credit line and she's got you know $20000 auto loan $12000 on a credit card.

And so in this case I would I would probably accept someone with $200000 in mortgage debt.

You know almost all mortgaged over someone with like $20000 in a Gap store credit card.

You know that's just a totally different beast.

So it's important to know what that type of money is because if you just know that she has $200000 in

debt and you don't know where it's coming from then you might be scared might rejecters be awesome.

Then I'll tell you about if you know our payment history if you've ever been late and go through trade

lines for each each account that she has which is awesome it goes through a two year history and you

can see if she's ever paid late for the last two years on anything.

And you know go through past inquiries of where where she's maybe applied also at other properties or

or where she's lived which you know you want to match up to where they say that.

Case they're trying to skip over a former landlord.

And then even employment as.

So this is exhaustive and it really does go through all the details that you would need to know which

for me is just really comforting.

And I want to say that this report and you said it just a couple of seconds ago is very clean.

I've seen so many reports.

I just they're hard to understand because it's either not formatted well or things are in different

places than they way they should or it's all jumbled together.

This looks very very clean and it's very easy to understand this credit report Yeah thanks and you know

we worked hard on it because the majority of our reports out there still look like a fax machine but

still you know from my 1972.

So this is certainly just easier to read and you can say as a pediatric you want to print it out and

you can you can take this and do whatever you want with it.

Moving on.

So let's say you like these people and you say OK these are the tenants and I want to rent too.

Well it's as simple as I can say.

I want to start collecting rent from these people.

And what that will do is it'll ask you to go and set up a lease with them and or what we're calling

all these and in that show you what it looks like when it's finished.

Let's go here.

This is a different property but same thing.



So here are the rent details.

What do I ask you when you said I want to rent.

These people would ask you OK what are the lease states you know are in there so we know exactly how

to frame the payments.

Don't ask me who those tenants are but we'll all know that if you click that button and they'll ask

you what the rent amount is when it's due and then what kind of late fee that you might be charging

on your lease which in our case we actually do and automatically figure it poses so if you say hey there's

a there's no grace period in this case and the fee is you know $187 so on a second law month it's going


On the second comes it will automatically put a you know a charter bill on this ledger saying that underneath

$7 and they've got pay which is kind of cool because it makes Cozy for rent for rent into the bad guy rather than you

being the bad guy.

And it will enforce your rules for you.

If there's any sort of moving costs like you know immediate pet fees or elevator fees or parking fees

or pro-rated rent you can add that in here super subrace and they'll just pay it right when they set

up and then you can actually say where do you want this money to go to.

So what's really cool that goes is it will automatically just send that money to whatever make out you

want it to go to.

And if you have a different account for security deposits which many of us do it will send the security

deposit to a different account so that you don't ever comingle funds.

And that's oftentimes a state law you don't Cominco fun.

So we make that really easy and you can upload documents and these are all on again anonymised links.

But these are these can be yes we're Dock's or you know whatever you have that you can upload and share

with them so they won't ever have to ask you like hey where's my lease.

You know can you send it to me again for the fourth time.

And it's can just be right there.

And then also you can ask them or you know you can require it for them to buy a runner's insurance and

they can either just buy rights because he or they can just upload a copy of their existing policy and

it makes it super easy.

But moving onto the most important part here.

You've got great tenants you've now set up a system in Cozy for rent for rent.

Now they have to pay rent.


So after you set that up Cozy for rent for rent will e-mail your tenants and say hey congratulations you know let's get

you set up with online payments and it will walk each one of them through the process of connecting

a bank account or adding a credit card or debit card.

And then it will say Hey listen you've got you know thirty seven hundred dollars due on the first month

every month.

How much of this do you want to pay.

And it will coordinate that between all the roommates and so it challenges them and ensures that they

all added up and make sure that it's the right amount and that they can pay their portion.

So in this case here I've got five roommates and you can see rent due on the first and each one of them

pays about 80 or 660 to contribute towards that total amount.

Now the neat thing about this is that this is the ledger these are in progress right.

Going payments that they they can all see this too.

So these various different tenants can see that you know maybe Willa hasn't scheduled her payment or

maybe it's the wrong amount.

I think people are accountable so that they don't get that lazy.

But then also as they process payments you can see here like Austin's payment I can see that it's for


It came out it was under auto pay it came out of their account on a first and then got a positive on

the second and then it was a car payment and went to my bank of America checking account.

So that was pretty cool.

And then here is even the transaction ID that that connects the dots so if you want to reconcile your

bank statement you can use this I.D. to make that super easy.

But in addition to tracking everything you know you can even see here's an example of a failed payment

that the card was declined.

And so what he did is he just went and did another payment with a different source.

You can see here he did it through a different card.

So it just makes it real easy to deal with issues before they come up.

Let's just say I wanted to record an off on payment let's say Austin decided to come to my house and

drop off a check.

I could say I want to record it off on a tangent here and say this is Austin branch.

And it's 80.

And he gave it to me on the first and I'd say OK good.

And then I guess just documented against the total Ledger.

I can also add in deals like water bills utility bills you know any other bill that might you know pet

fees or something that might come in I can just add that in here and it gets added out and they can

just pay it just like that with their rent.

You can also buy credits.

So if you want to pay them or reimburse them for payment or maybe they maybe they went ahead and bought

something for the property and you want to their money back you know you can do that or you want to

get 200 dollars off read because because the power went out or something you know you can do that because

you can just add a credit and then they can apply that towards our next rent payment.

So that's that is the three big things that Cozy for rent for rent does.

We also do maintenance expense which I also love to show you but I want to check in on time.

So those three things that I mentioned the listings the applications the earthwards background checks

and rent collection that's all free that's all free.

So how we do it on time doesn't that's fantastic.

Yeah you're right.

What blows me away again.

It's all free.

So the maintenance expenses very quickly.

You could just basically entering everything in.

Now with maintenance right you can have the tenants put submit a new maintenance request right.

Yes for sure.

That's actually how most of my main instincts come in so my tentative opens up their phone.

They open up because their phone and they take a picture of the hole in the wall or the dripping sink

and they can even upload a video straight from their phone.

And then I can see all that and I can have a discussion with them.

So let's take this one for example.

And these are again anonymised So it's not as useful but you know if I had a threaded discussion here

you can see a bunch of you know these are three comments and I can have all of the all the tenants will

see the same thing and they'll get notified whenever there's new discussion posted and everyone will

chime in which is pretty cool because then I can say hey you know the plumber is coming out on Friday

at 2:00 and I get out and Cozy for rent and it will communicate that to all of the tenants at once and there

you go there's your you know proper notice.

So it makes it really easy.

As for expenses here I can I can track expenses.

And for me what this looks like is you know I go to Home Depot I buy an indoor numbers paint and I walk

out to my car and while I'm sitting in the parking lot I pull out my phone take a picture of the receipt

you know with Cozy for rent for rent open and record a little bit of information like Home Depot and price.

And it was a document here and then I can actually go and throw that away.

I can get rid of that receipt if I want to because it's inside post and you actually see here like this

example Andy's local landscape here's the here's the actual you know receipt that I got from them.

So it's in there I can open it up I can I can see it and get that information.

So here the most important thing about expenses is not necessarily tracking them we're getting them

in and getting them out.

So at the end of the year when you're trying to do your taxes we can we help you print out this expense

summary which then has these categories that are the exact categories that you need to know on your

tax return.

So if you've never done a schedule that is the form that IRS requires you to fill out properly for your

rental properties and they are going to ask you how much should you spend on advertising and you need

to have that total number was cleaning and maintenance.

So this is the exact these are categories.

It's the total and you'll have a rate here.

And in addition to this will give you the details spreadsheet so you can see every single line item

and every detail about it but the summary is generally what your accountant is going to say.

So we just make it easy.

That's great.

And so you could basically just export that.

Give it to you and you will be set.

They will be able to take it take that property or every property export all those debts to them and

they'll be able to run with your tax return yet.

They will think you.

I mean you will be their favorite customer.


Well great.

Is there anything else that we should see.

You know we have we have other things like renter's insurance for example so I don't have that up here

in the demos.

But essentially if you require renter's insurance and that's a that's a per lease decision if you require

that your lease goes he will ask them hey you you need to do this you need to show proof of renter's

insurance often times before you move in.

And we will you know how all her operations are will help them through a company called sure it and

the nice thing about that is if you if you if they buy it through Cozy for rent for rent then we will actually check on

a nightly basis whether that account is active.

So if you've ever had tenants before you've probably come in to this situation where it will go on I

renter's insurance and then move into the house and then the next day they'll go and cancel the renter's

insurance policy because they will pay for it and you'll never know.

You will never know until the next year when you say I won't I need to see proof of it again.

And then they'll go get it for another two days.

So this way on a nightly basis we'll check and if they don't have it if they cancel it you'll be the

first to know which is pretty awesome.

That is that is terrific.

I've actually had my tenants apply and get renter's insurance through through because it works out great

and I don't have to do anything it just gets all set up and they take care of it.

And then like you said I will be notified if anything does change.

Yeah for sure.

What else can I answer for you.

Yes so I know that you said that you know Cozy for rent for rentes definitely growing or at least you guys are continuing

to produce and make sure that the the software is up to date that you guys are continually working on

it so how about support as well as where do you think the are there any new features or something like

What's a road map for this year so support and the road map.

Yes support is super easy so we actually have done this if you can see it on the bottom right hand corner

of the screen on every page is a will help button and we can actually you know start answering questions

for you.

So if you say I need help with payments these will take you to actual Cozy for rent for rent in all guides which will

give you the answer right there but if you wanted to actually explore it in detail we also have a link

to that which goes to help because.

So you'll see here that you can look at things not only from a landlord's perspective but also for renters

which kind of comes in handy because you can see you can point things to the tenants and say hey read

this guy.

If you're confused Here's exactly what you need to know.

And so we have hundreds of articles here that you can read but if you if you want to contact support

we actually have a help desk support team that is there seven days a week and typically they get back

to you within about an hour or two.

If it's if it's working hours so we realize how urgent no payments are we want to make sure that we

answer your questions very quickly.

So it was fantastic turnaround time on a support question especially when you're not even paying any

money so.


That is amazing.


Thank you.

And so future in future stuff here with Cozy for rent for rent is that in addition to the support this is great.

We are continually developing things so I mentioned earlier or something.

Maybe it's there.



So you know as we release things for example in in early 2018 we released maintenance expense tracking

and it just showed up one day you know we were working on it for months and then magically overnight

you know for all our customers it's like voila.

Now you can track expenses and maintenance tracking and you can it is a beautiful report.

And you know it's always a great feeling when we release something because we've tested it like crazy.

And then when the when it goes out we usually get all these love love letters and people send pizza.

The office is like so grateful that we've done these things so I can't reveal too much about the next

features but we've got three huge things in the hopper lined up for this next year mainly around leases

and documents signing and even done about making it super easy for your tenants for you to find tenants

and Cozy for rent for rent using maps and other really cool features that we don't.

So these are things that you probably pay for already.

Like know for me document signing is something that I pay a monthly fee you know.

But imagine if you could get that in cosying it would be free.

That's another thing that you could drop them and essentially save money.

That's fantastic.

Well Lucas thank you so much.

It has been very very informative and hopefully all my students are going to be looking at this and

say this is such a great benefit.

Ex-special since it's free and it gives such a great help for for us as landlords in general and so as Lucas said and then thank you very much for pointing it out.

So if you go too Cozy for rent that CEO forward slash dust and it all puts you in as one of my students and so it will help me out for tracking as well as I get a little bit of ciliate I send you over to them and

they they track you and I get a little bit of a kickback.

Nothing cost to you at all.

Obviously everybody said that many many times but it helps me out a little bit.

But hey you guys terrific software.

If anything even if you don't even use that link just go and use Cozy for rent for rent.

You're going to love it. It's fantastic so.

Hey Lucas thanks again so much for being a part of this demo and showing us too Cozy for rent and how amazing it is.

And so I really appreciate your time.

So hopefully all my students will be able to see that benefit and how great it is.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for having me.

I appreciate it.

All right.

And take care.

You too.


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