How I Quit My Job


My June 2017 Monthly Update – Final Update

Life, post job, is absolutely amazing! Since quitting my job in December of 2016, my passive income ideas and businesses have been the way that I provide for my family. It has been an amazing 6 months!

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My May 2017 Monthly Update

May was exciting on many different levels. Since quitting my job last year, life has been AMAZING! As I build my businesses to produce enough income for my family, I share exactly how I do it and how you can too with passive income ideas!

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My April 2017 Monthly Update

It seems as though every month is an exciting month for myself and my passive income idea businesses. April was super exciting as well as profitable for my businesses. Get caught up on everything going on with my life without a job.

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My January 2017 Monthly Update

Each month I share my businesses in passive income ideas and January was another exciting month. I just quit my job with passive income and life is fantastic! See what has been going on in this month’s post.

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My December 2016 Monthly Update – I Did It!

The walk to my car after work on December 15th was the best walk I ever took. As I left my job for the final time, with all my family pictures and personal items in tow, I couldn’t help but think that I am very blessed.

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My November 2016 Monthly Update

November is now over and it is time for another update! One more month until I quit my job!! As always, there is so many things going on as I keep building my passive income businesses. November is no exception!

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My October 2016 Monthly Update

Now that I am just two short months away from quitting my job, it seems as though these 9 years have flown by and it was all SO WORTH IT! Follow me as I quit my job with passive income ideas!

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NO GOING BACK! – My September 2016 Monthly Update

I have some BIG news about my plan to quit my job! September was a fantastic month for both my business AND my future at my J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). All the business processes, ideas, and practices that I have been implementing have been doing very well!

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My August 2016 Monthly Update

There has been so much going well for my passive income business and August was a great month. My properties are cash flowing well, no other properties were set on fire, and my books are selling well.

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My July 2016 Monthly Update

July was a rough month. I had an arson fire in one of my properties and one hot water tank was stolen. As I go about building up passive income to quit my job with passive income ideas, I post monthly updates sharing what has been going on in my world. July was a busy month. See what else has been going on.

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