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The Best Passive Income Ideas To Make Money and Retire Early

Working once and getting paid over and over again is passive income. There are MANY ways to make passive income and here are the best ways to make money every month without working.

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How to Make Money w Good Debt Versus Bad Debt

So, what’s the difference between so-called “good” and “bad” debt? There’s certainly a distinction between the two. In fact, using good debt to invest in real estate is exactly how I became wealthy in the real estate investing. And, I’m…

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What Is Equity and How to Make Money From It

The equity in your home is an “untapped” resource for you to make LOTS of money as long as you now two things: How to access the home equity and How to make money from it. This is how you can make LOTS of money from your home equity.

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What Is Escrow In Real Estate?

An escrow is a type of financial arrangement wherein a third party is in charge of holding and regulating the payment of funds required for the two involved parties in a particular transaction.  With an escrow, transactions are made more…

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How to Quit Your Job and Retire Early with Financial Independence

The term “retiring early” is used by a lot of people. However, I like to say that I am Successfully Unemployed. I love being successfully unemployed, and I also like the term better than retiring because it sounds like an…

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How To Find Private Money Lenders

I want to talk about private money; how to get it, where to find it and how to utilize it to invest in rental properties. This video is the third video in a bog list of videos that I have…

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How to Find a Profitable Income Property Investing In Real Estate

I want to share with you how you can buy good, profitable income properties. I will share the keys to what makes a good and profitable income property. Not only to rent out but also to sell in the future.  …

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Invest Now Before the Real Estate Market Crash

You need to invest NOW before the Market Crash! This is how you do it.

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Do Real Estate Syndications the Right Way with Michael Blank

There has been a lot of discussion in the industry concerning passive income. Specifically, how to generate and attain it. We're going to explore what passive income is in housing market syndication and some of the easiest ways you can…

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