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My February 2016 Monthly Report

Each month, I am documenting all the steps I am taking as I go through the process of quitting my job with passive income. There are always ups and downs in this process but most importantly, this is a game of patience. The month of February has proven true for my passive income business.

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An Accountant’s Take on My Plan for Quitting My Job – Part 2

In my last post I shared the first part of my conversation with my accountant regarding my plan to quit my job. This conversation with my accountant went in two parts.

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An Accountant's Take on My Plan for Quitting My Job – Part 1

I talked with my accountant of 10 years to get his wisdom and knowledge about my plan to quit my job.

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My January 2016 Monthly Report

My January 2016 passive income ideas monthly update. See how my passive income is growing as I am 6 months away from quitting my job.

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My December 2015 Monthly Report

My December 2015 quitting my job update. Another rental property purchased and getting almost $1,000 a month from it!

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My November 2015 Monthly Report

My November 2015 Progress Report and how my passive income ideas will help me to quit my job in July of 2016.

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My October 2015 Monthly Report

At the end of each month I report on the progress I have made to quit my job. Lots of doing, preparing, and learning about passive income ideas. Here's what I've learned.

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My September 2015 Monthly Report

September 2015 progress report on quitting my job. 10 months left until I quit my job!

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5 Steps to Financial Freedom

Do you desire to be financially free and not be tied down to a job for the rest of your life. Do you see yourself as an employee or as someone who is being held back from better things? These five steps will help you go down the path of financial freedom with passive income ideas.

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