Best Places to Buy Rental Property in North Carolina: An Investor’s Guide

SUMMARY: North Carolina shines as a goldmine for rental property investments, especially in cities like Charlotte, Greensboro, Durham, and Winston-Salem, each offering unique growth and value. With booming population figures and significant economic developments, these locales present ripe opportunities for investors to maximize returns.

Feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of real estate investment options in North Carolina?

You're not alone, and we're here to clarify the landscape for you.

  • Charlotte's booming real estate market
  • Greensboro's unique blend of affordability and opportunity
  • Durham's rapid growth and tech industry impact
  • Winston-Salem's hidden investment potential

Continue reading to navigate North Carolina's rental property market with confidence and make an informed investment decision.

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Charlotte: The Queen City's Rising Real Estate

Charlotte isn't just North Carolina's largest city; it's a magnet drawing in thousands looking for vibrancy, opportunity, and growth.

With home values increasing by 117% since 2015, it's clear why investors are setting their sights on this dynamic metropolis.

Each year, an influx of approximately 6,500 people from New York City alone adds to its appeal, highlighting a strong and growing demand for rental properties.

Action Tip: Investigate neighborhoods that are experiencing the most significant growth in Charlotte to capitalize on your investment.

Greensboro: Affordability Meets Opportunity

Greensboro combines rising home values with a high rate of rental residents. It stands out as an exceptional market for investors.

The city has the lowest average rent for a two-bedroom apartment at $1,274 on our list.

Yet, its growth potential is vast.

Common Mistake: Some might overlook Greensboro due to its current average rents.

However, considering its long-term growth projections is crucial.

Durham: A City on the Rise with Tech Investments

Durham is witnessing a rapid population increase.

This growth is bolstered by significant business investments.

Apple’s plan to build a $1 billion campus here is a testament to Durham's appeal.

It highlights the city's potential for yielding high investment returns.

A remarkable stat to note is the near 117% increase in home values since 2015.

This underlines Durham's attractiveness for rental investments.

Winston-Salem: The Hidden Gem for Property Investors

Winston-Salem offers investors competitive market opportunities.

The city boasts housing prices more than 35% lower than the national average.

With an 84% price increase since 2015, it indicates a fast-growing market.

Such economic developments make it a noteworthy location for investors.

Action Tip: Look into Winston-Salem for competitive housing prices coupled with potential economic growth.

It could be the perfect entry or expansion point for your investment portfolio.

Durham: A City on the Rise with Tech Investments

Durham's transformation is powered by its tech-driven economy.

This includes major moves like Apple's decision to build a $1 billion campus.

The city anticipates a population surge, aiming to double its numbers within the next 25 years.

Such growth is a beacon for rental property investors.

Home values in Durham have mirrored this exponential development.

They have soared by almost 117% since 2015, a testament to the city's burgeoning market.

Action Tip: Target properties close to tech hubs and educational institutions in Durham.

This strategy optimizes rental demand.

Winston-Salem: The Hidden Gem for Property Investors

Winston-Salem is marked by its affordability and potential for substantial growth.

Housing prices here are more than 35% below the national average.

Since 2015, the city has seen an 84% rise in property values.

This signals a ripe market for investors looking for lower entry prices and solid growth prospects.

Common Mistake: Overlooking smaller markets like Winston-Salem could mean missing out on high yield investments.


Investing in North Carolina's rental market presents a wealth of opportunities.

Each city offers unique prospects, from Charlotte’s urban appeal to Winston-Salem's affordability.

To maximize returns, it’s crucial for investors to understand the unique dynamics of each market.

This approach ensures tailored strategies that align with local trends.

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Q: What makes North Carolina attractive for rental property investments?
A: North Carolina’s robust population growth, economic development, and diverse cities make it an alluring location for rental property investments.

Q: Can out-of-state investors find success in North Carolina’s rental market?
A: Absolutely. With proper research and strategic planning, out-of-state investors can leverage the opportunities presented by North Carolina’s dynamic rental market.


Exploring the best places to buy rental property in North Carolina reveals a landscape rife with opportunities for savvy investors.

  • North Carolina's burgeoning population and economic prospects position it as a key market for rental property investments.
  • Charlotte's impressive growth and influx of newcomers highlight its status as the premier city for real estate ventures.
  • Greensboro offers a blend of affordability and market potential, with a high rate of rental residents yet lower average rent costs.
  • Durham's tech boom and anticipated population doubling underline its burgeoning market, making it ripe for investment.
  • Winston-Salem emerges as an attractive option with low median home values paired with a strong market growth rate.

By keeping these insights in mind, investors can navigate the diverse and promising North Carolina rental property market with confidence.

Rental Property Investment in North Carolina FAQs

Which city in North Carolina is best for rental property investment?

Charlotte is often highlighted as the top city for rental property investment in North Carolina.

Its significant population growth coupled with a 117% increase in home values since 2015 presents a lucrative opportunity for investors.

These figures underscore Charlotte's strong market and potential for high returns on investment.

Is investing in rental properties in North Carolina a good idea for out-of-state investors?

Yes, out-of-state investors can find excellent opportunities in North Carolina's rental market.

However, success requires thorough research and possibly partnering with local experts to navigate the market effectively.

North Carolina's diverse economic growth and expanding population make it an attractive landscape for real estate investments, even for those not residing within the state.

What should I consider before buying a rental property in North Carolina?

Before investing in rental properties in North Carolina, consider the location's economic health, population growth trends, and the potential for property appreciation.

Additionally, understanding the local rental market, including average rents and tenant demand, is crucial.

Investors should also assess their financial preparedness and strategy for property management to ensure a profitable and sustainable investment.

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How does North Carolina's population growth impact rental property investments?

North Carolina's population growth is a significant driver for rental property investments, positioning the state as an appealing market.

This growth translates to higher demand for housing, particularly rentals, which can lead to increased rental rates and lower vacancy rates.

Such demographic trends are promising for investors looking to capitalize on the expanding need for rental accommodations.

What are common mistakes to avoid when investing in rental properties in North Carolina?

One common mistake is neglecting to perform due diligence on the property and the local market, which can lead to investing in areas with limited growth potential or high vacancy rates.

Additionally, overlooking the importance of a good property management strategy can result in challenges in maintaining the property and securing reliable tenants.

Investors should approach each opportunity with careful research and realistic expectations to mitigate risks and enhance their investment success.

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