Airbnb How To Review Your Stay

Do you want to rate and review your Airbnb stay? If you are the type of traveler who actively enjoys leaving reviews about their accommodations, then this guide will help you write the best one possible.

After all, how well does your review read on a scale of 1-5 stars? Reviews are one of the best ways to support businesses that offer great experiences at an affordable price.

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What Is An Airbnb Review?

An Airbnb review is a short summary of a stay in a short term rental property, written by the person who stayed there.

It’s a way for people to share their experiences with other Airbnb users, and to help other potential guests to make an informed decision about whether to book a stay with Airbnb.

An Airbnb review can also be used as a way to give potential guests a more detailed insight into the property. It can be a positive or negative experience.

It is important to read through the review before booking to make sure it is accurate and complete.

It’s also a great way to get feedback from other Airbnb users about a property, and to show off a property to potential guests.

A good review will provide details about the property, such as its location, amenities, and cleanliness. It can also include details about the hosts, such as their experience and their follow-up with guests.

Because it’s short and concise, an Airbnb review can be used as a way to quickly identify problems or issues that need to be addressed and can also be used to provide additional details about the property in question, such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Who Are Eligible To Post A Review On Airbnb?

Only stays that have been reserved and paid for on Airbnb are eligible for reviews from hosts and guests.

How Soon After A Trip/Stay Does One Have To Write A Review?

Guests and hosts have 14 days after checking out to leave reviews. For some reservations that are canceled on or after the day of check-in (12:00 AM in the time zone of the listing), guests and hosts may also post a review.

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To see whether you can still write a review:

Go to Profile > Reviews

Select Reviews by you

Check if the reservation is under Reviews to write or Expired reviews

There is no way for Airbnb to make any exceptions because their review process is automated. However, you can use your Airbnb message thread to leave your host a note if you'd still like to express gratitude or provide helpful feedback about your stay.

How Do You Write A Review For Your Airbnb Stay?

The best way to start a review for an Airbnb stay is to ask questions.

The answers to these questions will help craft a great review, as well as help guests get the most out of their experience.

Guests are encouraged to discuss their interaction with the host, the condition of the property, and any personalized touches or amenities.

Airbnb wants guest reviews to be as informative as possible.

It is also important that you keep few requirements in mind before writing a review.

1,000 maximum words

Must comply to Airbnb's Review Policy

It's crucial to remember that guests only have 14 days from the time of checkout to submit their review; after that, guests won't be able to modify it.

The following steps will help guide through the entire process of creating a stellar review for an Airbnb stay.

1. Open a browser on Mac or PC and sign into your Airbnb account.
2. Access  You will be asked to leave a review if you are still inside the 14-day window of your stay.
3. To submit your review, enter your review in the provided text field and hit “Enter.”

Additionally, users have the option to submit private reviews, which are forwarded to the host concurrently with the public review.

Get super specific and be sure to use the stars too!

All things considered, the most important thing you can do for your review is get super specific.

The more specific you get, the better your review will read.

This applies whether you are rating a business or writing a review about a vacation experience.

When Are Airbnb Reviews Posted?

The reviews from both parties have been submitted, or It has already been 14 days, whichever comes first.

Both the host and the guest will be unable to submit reviews for the stay if the host cancels the reservation prior to the day of check-in.

Editing/Deleting/Re-adding a Review In Airbnb

In order to edit a review in Airbnb, you’ll need to go to the “Reviews” page.

There, you’ll find a list of all of your reviews and the ability to edit any of them.

To start editing a review, you’ll need to click on the “Edit” link next to the review you want to edit.

Once you’re there, you’ll be able to edit the review in question. You can change the title, description, and even add a new photo if you want.

Once you’re done editing, you can save the review and move on to the next one.

If you want to delete a review, you can do so by clicking on “Delete” next to it.

In order to re-add a review, you’ll need to click on “Reviews” and then click “Add Review.”

If you want to delete a review again, you can do so by clicking on “Delete” next to it.

Overall, editing a review in Airbnb is pretty easy and straightforward.

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Why Is It Important To Leave A Review in Airbnb?

You’ve probably heard it before: “You can’t advise someone to go on an adventure, you can only provide information.” This may come as a surprise to those who think of Airbnb as a vacation rental service.

It’s true, the hospitality offered by hosts on the site is unparalleled. But with that amazing hospitality comes a responsibility to leave a review, so potential hosts can know if they made the right decision.

As the number of Airbnb guests continues to grow, so does the importance of customer reviews.

Finding the best place to stay for your next visit is no easy task, but with reviews from other guests, you can help make this process easier.

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